Get Ripped - Coming Soon!

Muscle Growth and Muscle Recovery Made Easy

Get Ripped is designed to have you looking and feeling your best! We offer high performance peptides that are ideal for overall strengthening of the muscle’s and bone density all while improving heart, skin and brain health! Our Get Ripped peptides are also fantastic for anti-aging, healing, recovery and cellular renewal.  With our HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, you get quality care that is both convenient and discreet, so you can prioritize your well-being like never before.

How It Works

Choose Your Medication

Select your peptide  medication such as Ipamorelin, BPC-157, CJC 1295, GHK-Cu & More!

Medical Intake Form

Complete a simple online intake form. One of our licensed US medical doctors (M.D.) will review to ensure you’re a candidate.

Fast Delivery

When approved, your prescription is sent to the pharmacy and shipped to your door with everything you need included!